The Center for Settlement Consultants provides structured settlement advisory services for attorneys and their clients.  Instead of using arbitrary mathematical formulas, our comprehensive and holistic approach begins with an analysis that helps clients decide whether a structure or some alternative will best meet their needs.  For those clients who choose a structure, we go to work as an extension of the legal team to design a customized settlement plan that meets the client’s individual needs and circumstances. We are licensed and have access to all of the strongest life companies, both domestic and international.  This means that we can offer robust proposals once a client makes the decision to use a structure.

The Center for Settlement Consultants is a national provider of structured settlement consulting for attorneys and their clients. We enact a holistic and comprehensive approach to the settlement of our cases.

Victims of catastrophic accidents and injuries deserve an advocate to work on behalf of their best interests. Our mission as a professional settlement consultant is the optimization of the quality for life for the victim, while mitigating their financial worries. Our customized settlement plans are designed to meet the needs of the individual claimant as we understand that every case is unique and necessitates an appreciation for the overall circumstances of the case.

It takes a deep understanding of the circumstances to dispense both in settlement proceedings. We can provide the needed knowledge to help you and your client get the largest possible settlement.

Contact us to navigate the complexities of structured settlements and qualified settlement funds.