The Center for Medicare Set-Aside Administration offers services that preserve ongoing and future Medicare entitlement for injured claimants who settle liability or workers’ compensation claims. These services include the evaluation and determination for the need for a Medicare Set Aside (MSA), review of medical records, future medical projections, recommendations for an appropriate MSA allocation, funding recommendations, submission of the proposed MSA allocation to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for approval, helping other parties with the approval process, and professional MSA administration. These services can be provided as a convenient and comprehensive package or unbundled as best meets the needs of any particular claimant or case.

The Center for Medicare Set-Asides is a a professional administrator of Medicare Set Asides. We will assume responsibility for all transactions of the MSA, including verification of Medicare approved medical services related to the claimed injury, payment of approved medical care and treatment per the correct fee schedule, as well as CMS annual accounting and exhaustion accounting reporting of all expenditures and deposits.

There are two general situations where the MSP Act applies. The first situation is when an individual suffers injuries from a third party requiring medical care that is paid for by Medicare and then is subsequently compensated for those injuries by a responsible party. The second situation is when an individual suffers injuries that will need future medical care covered by Medicare and a responsible party agrees to pay or is ordered to pay for such future medical care and treatment that would otherwise be covered by Medicare. Both of these are the events that trigger applicability of the MSP Act.