The Center for Fiduciary Services, Inc. provides specialized administrative and management services for fiduciaries such as financial institutions, attorneys, guardians, and individual trustees.  As a fiduciary, these individuals are held to the highest standard of loyalty and honesty.  However, not all fiduciaries are fully equipped to discharge this duty completely.  When this is the case, The Center for Fiduciary Services, Inc. can seamlessly provide the necessary back office support that a fiduciary needs.  Whether a fiduciary simply needs the expertise to comply with Medicaid and SSI or wants a private label program that provides robust and comprehensive services, The Center for Fiduciary Services, Inc. can meet any combination of needs across the entire spectrum of fiduciary services.

Our Fiduciary Support Services Program, available in bundled or unbundled packages, is offered to financial institutions, law firms, banks and guardians who maybe be acting as trustees. The Center’s years of experience can help anyone acting in a fiduciary capacity with an assortment of specialized services:

  • General Trust Administration Services
  • Timely Distribution Management Service
  • Comprehensive Budgeting Consistent with Trust Objectives
  • Experienced Trust Asset Management
  • Fully Integrated Back-Office Support System
  • Beneficiary Support Services