As consultants, we help guide clients to meaningful choices by making complex issues understandable in normal every-day terms. Because of our multi-company approach, we are able to offer creative solutions that match the specific needs of our clients instead of merely offering products.

Quality control is extremely important to us. Unlike many companies that purport to offer similar services, all of our services are provided in-house by our experienced staff without the use of outside contractors. Our services are grounded on the belief that everyone should have the chance to live securely and independently, and our services empower people to make choices that are meaningful to them and to their families.


The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration

The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that administers Pooled Trusts and Special Needs Trusts. From the time of its founding on December 8, 2000, it quickly grew to become the largest Pooled Trust provider in the country and has been a clear industry leader ever since. With trust beneficiaries in every state and nearly two decades of experience, The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc. is firmly established as the go-to provider for cases ranging from the simple to the highly complex. In addition, many non-profits have entrusted their Pooled Trust programs to The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc. Likewise, many professionals have successfully turned to The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc. for truly one of a kind solutions to their unique specialty trust needs.

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The Center for Lien Resolution

The Center for Lien Resolution works with attorneys and their clients to resolve liens and reimbursement rights that are asserted against lawsuit recoveries. Our specialized services for the resolution of Medicaid and Medicare liens includes proprietary processes of communicating with and following up with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Coordination of Benefits Contractor, the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor, and most importantly, the referring attorney’s office. Our employees and principals are extensively familiar with the statutory and procedural requirements of both Medicare and Medicaid and with the efficient resolution of liens and reimbursement rights.


The Center for Medicare Set-Aside Administration

The Center for Medicare Set Aside Administration offers services that preserve ongoing and future Medicare entitlement for injured claimants who settle liability or workers’ compensation claims. These services include the evaluation and determination for the need for a Medicare Set Aside (MSA), review of medical records, future medical projections, recommendations for an appropriate MSA allocation, funding recommendations, submission of the proposed MSA allocation to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for approval, helping other parties with the approval process, and professional MSA administration. These services can be provided as a convenient and comprehensive package or unbundled as best meets the needs of any particular claimant or case.


The Center for Settlement Consultants

The Center for Settlement Consultants provides structured settlement advisory services for attorneys and their clients.  Instead of using arbitrary mathematical formulas, our comprehensive and holistic approach begins with an analysis that helps clients decide whether a structure or some alternative will best meet their needs.  For those clients who choose a structure, we go to work as an extension of the legal team to design a customized settlement plan that meets the client’s individual needs and circumstances. We are licensed and appointed with all of the financially strongest life companies in the world, which means that we can offer robust proposals once a client makes the decision to use a structure.


The Center for Fiduciary Services, Inc.

The Center for Fiduciary Services, Inc. provides specialized administrative and management services for fiduciaries such as financial institutions, attorneys, guardians, and individual trustees.  As a fiduciary, these individuals are held to the highest standard of loyalty and honesty.  However, not all fiduciaries are fully equipped to discharge this duty completely.  When this is the case, The Center for Fiduciary Services, Inc. can seamlessly provide the necessary back office support that a fiduciary needs.  Whether a fiduciary simply needs the expertise to comply with Medicaid and SSI or wants a private label program that provides robust and comprehensive services, The Center for Fiduciary Services, Inc. can meet any combination of needs across the entire spectrum of fiduciary services.