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CMS Withdraws Proposed Rules on Future Medicals
CMS published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in June of 2012 and asked for comments from the public.  CMS subsequently submitted a proposed draft rule to the Office of Budget and Management in September of 2013 for approval beforeRead More

Special Needs Trusts: Planning Vehicles that Have Come of Age
Special needs trusts (SNTs) are conceptually simple-however, their creation and administration can be highly complex. This article points to the technical and practical issues professionals need to consider as they counsel beneficiaries and their families to make informed decisions about using SNTs. Read the full article    

Another Hard Lesson: Addressing Medicare Claims Early
Addressing conditional payment obligations early and consistently puts you in the best position to manage and settle cases. We always stress this as a best practice, and in a recent ruling from the Oregon Court of Appeals, a plaintiff andRead More

Solutions for maintaining family members’ public benefits in divorce proceedings.
Solutions for maintaining family members’ public benefits in divorce proceedings. Divorce can be a complicated, painful and expensive process. Unfortunately during the divorce process, protecting the public assistance eligibility of a child or a spouse with special needs is frequentlyRead More

The SMART Act Updates
The Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers Act (SMART Act) was signed into law in January 2013, to improve the efficiency of the Medicare Secondary Payer system. Once the Act is implemented, there will be an establishment of a web portalRead More