The Center for Lien Resolution works with attorneys and their clients to resolve liens and reimbursement rights that are asserted against lawsuit recoveries. Our specialized services for the resolution of Medicaid and Medicare liens includes proprietary processes of communicating with and following up with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Coordination of Benefits Contractor, the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor, and most importantly, the referring attorney’s office. Our employees and principals are extensively familiar with the statutory and procedural requirements of both Medicare and Medicaid and with the efficient resolution of liens and reimbursement rights.

The Centers handles all types of medical liens including but not limited to: Medicare, Medicaid, VA,
TriCare/Military, Hospital, and Private Health Insurance. Upon receipt of the signed releases accompanying the properly completed intake form, The Center will:

  • open the case with the lien holder;
  • request the conditional payment or lien amount;
  • review the detailed charges;
  • note unrelated charges for removal;
  • seek a lien reduction agreement post settlement;
  • obtain a final demand or lien amount; and
  • provide detailed lien reimbursement instructions to the referring party.

If there is no lien, there will be no charge.
If there is a lien and it is reduced, The Center will charge:

15% of the difference between the total lien amount and the final amount paid.

The Center for Lien Resolution resolves a variety of liens including: 


Medicare can pay for medical expenses due to a personal injury accident; however it will only do so under certain conditions and requires repayment. At this point, a lien can be placed on the settlement until repayment is made.


When Medicaid has made payments for medical expenses related to an injury, under state Medicaid third party recovery laws, it may assert a lien against the beneficiary’s recovery.

Veterans Administration

If claimants involved in a personal injury settlement are insured through TRICARE or VA insurance, they may be required to repay part of their settlement for medical expenses occurred as TRICARE or the VA has the right to repayment for medical services rendered.


If the claimant receiving a settlement had a private health insurance provider, hospital or other provider liens they may have the right to reclaim any costs associated with treatment of the injury.